Virtual Parent Presentation on Human Trafficking Sept. 22nd from 5:30-6:30

Young people are increasingly more vulnerable to human trafficking, regardless of gender, race or socioeconomic status. This is why Unbound is passionate about educating entire schools, students and staff alike, as well as other youth-centered community groups, to equip everyone to recognize when something may not be right. Through this holistic approach, entire communities gain a common understanding and shared language to better identify and serve victimized students and their families.

Unbound's Keeping Students Safe Project, funded by a grant from the Office of The Governor of Texas, encompasses all of our trainings and presentations for youth, youth personnel and parents and caregivers. Our design is to equip professionals that work with youth and parents and caregivers of students to understand how trafficking occurs in our community and how to identify the red flags of exploitation in the lives of the young people they serve. Our student presentations and multi-week curricula opportunities are designed to empower youth to not only recognize potential danger and avoid exploitative situations, but also to watch out for their peers and have the tools they need to get help.

Unbound’s Keeping Students Safe Project is funded by a grant from the Office of the Governor of Texas and as such does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, disability, nationality, sex, English proficiency or age.


Human Trafficking 101 for Parents/Caregivers of Youth
One hour
What is human trafficking and how does it happen?
How is human trafficking affecting youth and our community?
How do traffickers target youth?
How do social media, sexting and pornography impact sex trafficking?
How can you identify signs of exploitation and trafficking in your students?
How can you equip your family to safely navigate social media and the internet and establish a safety plan?