Counseling Services

What is a School Counselor? 
A school person who provides guidance and counseling to ALL Students. 
A resource person
A coordinator
A consultant
A group facilitator 
A teacher
A professional 
What does a School Counselor Do? 
  • Works with individual groups
  • Helps identify needs of students
  • Encourages better interpersonal relationships
  • Promotes positive attitudes and choices 
  • Aides teachers and parents in helping students 
  • Coordinates efforts with other school specialist 
  • Facilitates discussion groups
  • Maintain confidentiality 
  • Assist at risk students 
  • Provides preventive counseling 
  • Can provide referrals to outside agencies 
  • Consult with parents and school personnel
How does a student see the Counselor? 
  • Self Referral 
  • Parent Referral 
  • Principal Referral 
  • Teacher Referral