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I can honestly say I love being a teacher.  It's a job that matters because we get to mold the future.  Wow.  What a responsibility.
Fast Facts:
- 1 husband
- 2 kids
- 1 dog
- teaching since 2005 
- teaching at WCE since 2010
- graduated from Sam Houston State University


Welcome to 2nd grade Math!  I hope we gain a better understanding of numeracy and problem solving throughout this year.  I really would love for all my students to have a strong foundation in math so they become very successful mathematicians! 

Homework Schedule

Every week there will be math and spelling homework assigned on Monday.  It is due on Friday to your child's homeroom teacher.  Please assist your child with anything they may need help with.  If you have any comments or concerns please write a note in your child's planner, send me and e-mail, or call the school and I will get back to you ASAP.

Skip Counting Songs

There are a lot of these fun and interactive skip counting songs. Skip counting prepares students for multiplication.