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Hi! My name is Amber Neal and I teach third grade Language Arts and Reading at West Columbia Elementary. I'm excited and proud to say that this is my 12th year of teaching. I taught one year of pre-K, five years of kindergarten, and am currently in my sixth year of teaching third grade. I have a love for learning and education has always been a huge part of my life.
I earned a bachelor’s degree in Academic Studies at Sam Houston State University and became certified in early childhood through grade 4. I then received my Master’s degree in Educational Administration and earned my principal certification.
My philosophy of education is that all students can succeed in an atmosphere of support,
encouragement, and through a positive learning environment. My goal is to ensure that the students are taught at academic high levels in order for them to experience and achieve the highest level of which they are capable. I believe that every child that walks through the front door of a school has the right and ability to learn and achieve. I also believe that children can become confident, independent learners and thinkers, which can be accomplished through creative teaching that is based on a child’s individual learning style. To make a profound difference in the life of a child I feel that each child deserves a teacher who truly cares and is willing to help them grow.


Amber Neal
Language Arts and Reading.
[email protected]