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Hi! I'm Crystal Spitdowski and love teaching 4th grade at West Columbia Elementary. I've been teaching for 18 years since graduating from Sam Houston State University. WCE is a special place that cares about each and every child. It's the best place to work and learn. I love my job!

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Week of April 9-13

Spelling List #21

Week of 4/23 - 4/27

VCV (vowel, consonant, vowel) pattern

  1. event
  2. humor
  3. rapid
  4. music
  5. relief
  6. planet
  7. detail
  8. unite
  9. frozen
  10. figure
  11. siren
  12. polite
  13. hotel
  14. protest
  15. punish
  16. defend
  17. relay
  18. habit
  19. student
  20. moment
Mon- read
Tue. - ABC order (spelling)
Wed.- read
Thurs. - 3 times each (spelling)
Fri- Spelling Test

Week of February 26 - March 2

This week students will have their regular spelling homework and spelling test on Friday. The homework and spelling list will be posted below.


The students music program will be Thursday evening at 6pm in the gymnasium. Mrs. Langen has asked the students to be at the school no later then 5:45. 


Tuesday- Write 10 spelling sentences 

Thursday- Write spelling words 3x's each


Spelling List # 15

Week of February 26 - March 2

Changing Final y to i

  1. tiniest
  2. hobbies
  3. copied
  4. countries
  5. pitied
  6. easier
  7. laziest
  8. families
  9. spied
  10. happiest
  11. ladies
  12. friendlier
  13. studied
  14. busier
  15. breezier
  16. prettiest
  17. noisier
  18. healthier
  19. butterflies
  20. funniest

Christmas Pajamas

Tuesday will be Christmas pajama day. Wear your favorite Christmas pajamas. Make sure they are school appropriate. 

Homework Week of 11/27-12/1

Monday: read with a parent
Tuesday: Spelling sentences, write 10 sentences with any spelling words you choose. Be sure to add an adverb in each sentence and circle the adverb, underline the spelling word.
Wednesday: read with a parent
Thursday: 3 times each (spelling)

Spelling Week of 11/27-12/1

Week of 11/27 - 12/1

Vowel Sounds /u/, /yoo/, and /oo/

  1. bunch
  2. fruit
  3. argue
  4. crumb
  5. crew
  6. tune
  7. juice
  8. refuse
  9. truth
  10. young
  11. clue
  12. trunk
  13. amuse
  14. suit
  15. rude
  16. trust
  17. dew
  18. stuck
  19. rescue
  20. brush

Week of 11/13-11/17

Hello Parents, 

This week I have asked the students to please bring their favorite holiday recipe for an activity that we will be completing in class. We will also be taking a field trip to the statue in Brazoria tomorrow. Students do not need a sack lunch. We will be going to the statue after lunch. The students will sing three songs about Texas and then head back to WCE. 

Homework: Tuesday- Students need to choose 10 spelling words and write a sentence using that word. 

Thursday- Students will need to write each spelling word 3x's each. 


Spelling Test will be on Friday. List is provided below: 

Spelling List #6

Week of 11/13 - 11/17

Vowel Sounds /oo/ and /oo/

  1. bloom
  2. cookbook
  3. tool
  4. shampoo
  5. put
  6. wool
  7. stool
  8. proof
  9. prove
  10. group
  11. brook
  12. foolish
  13. bush
  14. crooked
  15. booth
  16. raccoon
  17. hook
  18. groom
  19. roof
  20. soup

Field Trip 11-3-17

Our field trip is this Friday to Austin Town. Please send a sack lunch and a few dollars if your child would like to purchase anything. No open toe shoes!

Week of 10/30-11/3

This week is going to be a fun filled week with Halloween & Austin Town!
For the students homework this week:
Tuesday- Because it is Halloween the students will not have homework; enjoy trick or treating with your family.
Wednesday- Write spelling words 3x's each.
**Thursday- Spelling Test in class

Friday- We will go to Austin Town from 10-2. We will be leaving WCE at 9:30.
If you are volunteering and have been cleared through the school district please meet us at Austin Town and be prepared for a $2 entry fee. Everyone will need to bring a sack lunch with a drink. Students may bring money to buy root beer, souvenirs, trinkets, and treats.
Please have your student wear a WCE/Roughneck shirt or maroon; that way I will be able to keep up with our students. I would suggest that students wear tennis shoes just in case there is dirt.

Spelling List # 5
Week of 10/30- 11/3

Leaving Early

Leaving early counts as a partial absence just like a tardy. Unless it is medical or for family type emergencies, class time will not be set aside the next day or week to accommodate those that leave early. The student must be responsible for asking the teacher for any work missed. If the student fails to do so, the grade will be a 0. They can make this grade up for a 70 if they wish to do so.